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“A true story”

Pietro Clementi from being a lawyer to wine producer
The Prelude

Pietro Clementi is a lawyer from Verona since more than 50 years. Originally from Illasi, the east part of the city, during the hard years of the second world war, in the house of his grandparents, lawyers as well, he started to become passionate in viticulture. The viticulture of those years was made of simples gestures, cows that towed the plow, harvest of the grapes in small basket and manual pressing of the grapes; those gestures represent the reason of a big change in life, from being a lawyer to become wine producer.

The Quarter

Pietro is not only a lawyer, for many years he has been involved in regional politics, as city manager and Mayor of Marano di Valpolicella. In this municipality he decided in 1969, to buy a propriety dating 1600 in the Gnirega Contrada with twenty hectares divided in vineyards and wood.

The first productions

The first steps in the wine production started in the small cellar located in the house. During this year Pietro was helped from other wine producers and farmers; one in particular called in the regional dialect “Musciol” a sharecropper, very precise man but also from other producers from the region, one of them, Santo Aldrighetti known for more then 30 years of experience in wines of Valpolicella.

The Mayor’s Amarone

Over the years he decided to renovate the cellar, he started following the philosophy of grapes selections and to replant the older vineyards with younger one. The wine produced from the lawyer Pietro was almost intended to friends, family, supporters and moments connected to politics, and served during events, where people had the opportunity to taste the “Mayor’s Amarone”.

A Change

2002 is the year of a change of direction, Pietro Clementi decided to invest in the structure of the winery by making it more modern and easier for the production. In the first floor, a wide room for the “appassimento”, to dry the grapes and the vinification room and aging room. But the great change regard the decision to produce wine not only for friends or family but starting to sell to national and international markets.


The winery is today leaded by the second generation, the three sons of Pietro: Maria, Maurizio and Bernardino. They all have they own rule in the winery, Maria is in the administration office, Maurizio lead the marketing and the sells and Bernardino the production, certainly with the supervision of their dad. Recently the family Clementi decided to collaborate with a famous oenologist in Veneto, Enrico Nicolis, to have a direct advice on the wines.

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